Introducing Splash Fiberglass Pool Company


Introducing Splash Fiberglass Pool Company: Maryland’s Premier Destination for San Juan Fiberglass Pools

Annapolis, MD July 9, 2023 ( – Splash Fiberglass Pool Company, a renowned name in the swimming pool industry, is proud to announce its position as the leading provider of San Juan Fiberglass Pools in Maryland. With an unwavering commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and unparalleled customer satisfaction, Splash Fiberglass Pool Company has emerged as the go-to destination for homeowners seeking to transform their outdoor spaces into luxurious and inviting oases.

As the summer heat reaches its peak, residents across Maryland are looking for ways to beat the heat and create a haven in their own backyards. Splash Fiberglass Pool Company understands the desires and needs of homeowners, offering an extensive range of high-quality San Juan Fiberglass Pools that are as durable as they are stunning. These top-of-the-line pools are known for their strength, beauty, and low maintenance, making them the ideal choice for families and individuals alike.

What sets Splash Fiberglass Pool Company apart from its competitors is its unwavering commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience. From the initial consultation to the final installation, the team at Splash Fiberglass Pool Company works closely with each client, ensuring that their vision becomes a reality. The company’s pool experts are highly trained and knowledgeable, offering expert guidance and advice throughout the process to help customers make informed decisions.

“We are thrilled to be Maryland’s premier destination for San Juan Fiberglass Pools,” said Sean Locklear, the founder and CEO of Splash Fiberglass Pool Company. “Our team is dedicated to delivering excellence in every aspect of our service, from the quality of our products to the professionalism of our staff. We believe that a swimming pool is not just a purchase; it’s an investment in a lifetime of memories, and we are honored to be a part of that journey with our customers.”

Splash Fiberglass Pool Company takes great pride in its partnership with San Juan Fiberglass Pools, a renowned manufacturer known for its innovation and commitment to quality. San Juan Fiberglass Pools offers a wide variety of pool shapes, sizes, and designs, allowing customers to choose the perfect pool that suits their unique preferences and complements their outdoor space. The company’s pools are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring they exceed industry standards and provide years of enjoyment for homeowners.

In addition to providing exceptional pool products and services, Splash Fiberglass Pool Company is dedicated to environmental sustainability. San Juan Fiberglass Pools are designed with energy-efficient features and materials, minimizing their impact on the environment and reducing long-term costs for pool owners. With a focus on sustainability, Splash Fiberglass Pool Company strives to create a greener and more eco-friendly community.

For those interested in transforming their outdoor spaces into a personal oasis, Splash Fiberglass Pool Company is the clear choice. With their extensive selection of San Juan Fiberglass Pools, commitment to exceptional customer service, and dedication to environmental sustainability, Splash Fiberglass Pool Company continues to solidify its position as the top fiberglass pool company in Maryland.

For more information about Splash Fiberglass Pool Company and their range of San Juan Fiberglass Pools, please visit or contact their customer service team at 410-541-4410 or [email protected]

About Splash Fiberglass Pool Company: Splash Fiberglass Pool Company is a leading provider of San Juan Fiberglass Pools in Maryland. With a focus on exceptional craftsmanship, customer satisfaction, and environmental sustainability, the company offers a wide range of high-quality pools to transform outdoor spaces into luxurious retreats. Their dedicated team of pool experts provides personalized service and expert guidance to help customers bring their vision to life.